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WHY YOU WANT RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY by Careys Manor As you get ready for your big day with your family sat around you, sip your sweet champagne and look outside the window. There is always that huge fear on your wedding day that the heavens will open and your photos, wedding dress, groomsmen suits and worst of all your hair will be ruined and your big day will be remembered for the wrong reasons. According to the Hindu religion it is symbolically said that if it rains on your wedding day it will cleanse and purify your relationship to prepare you for the rest of your lives together, so Careys Manor believe that rain on your wedding day could actually be a blessing. Here are 4 more reasons why you want rain on your wedding day: 1. It makes for unique wedding photos Everyone hopes and prays for blue skies and beaming sunshine to make your wedding photos look beautiful. Step outside after the rain has fallen and inhale the fresh, clean air. With a little touch of creativity you could have some memorable wedding photos to be proud of like this one by Lemontree Photography. 2. It keeps your flowers fresh Keeping your flowers hydrated is important so they don’t wilt. On a blistering hot day your flowers will dry out and may not last if you wanted to keep them on display at home afterwards, let alone the whole evening. 3. It makes for great accessories Have your umbrellas ready and why not even custom design them yourself to fit the theme of your wedding? 4. It’s soothing There is nothing more heart-warming than the sound of the pitter patter of the rain on a cosy day in. Picture walking down the aisle as you prepare to say your “I do’s” and listen to soft sound of the comforting rain against the window glass in the background, whilst in the warmth of a cosy country manor house hotel surrounded by your family. So don’t fret or worry about rain on your wedding day. Just remember that not only is it supposed to be good luck but ultimately your special day is about yourself and your significant other, whatever the weather. Join Careys Manor on the 13th November for their Wedding Open Day. For more information on Careys Manor wedding packages, call their wedding Coordinator Françoise Gysemans on 01590 625204. Photos by: http://www.lemontree-photography.co.uk/

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